Rogue Credit Union Community Complex Grand Opening Celebration & Play Everyday Scholarship Fundraiser

An Exclusive First Look into Rogue X

The Medford Parks and Recreation Foundation invites you to join us on Friday, January 5
to be the first to experience the new Rogue X facility while enjoying amazing food, live
music, and silent auction packages.

Funds raised through this event will be used to support swimming and recreation program
scholarships for youth. By providing equal, equitable, and economical access to our parks and recreation programs, we help our community experience the fullness of joy through the wonder of play.

Play is a right, not a privilege and by trying new things, you discover what’s possible.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Support youth swim and recreation program scholarships by sponsoring the Grand Opening Celebration & Play Everyday Scholarship Event. There are multiple sponsorship levels available. Click here for more information.

By supporting the Play Everyday Scholarship Fundraiser, you can help us achieve the following goals:

  • Equal Access: Ensure that every child, regardless of their background, has the chance to participate in recreational activities that promote health and well-being.
  • Equitable Opportunities: Create a level playing field where all children can explore their potential, build confidence, and foster lifelong skills.
  • Economical Access: Make quality programs accessible to families without straining their budgets, thus reinforcing our commitment to affordability.
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