Natalie Williams

Miscellaneous Information

I am a native to Southern Oregon, born and raised in Medford/Central Point areas, having graduated from Crater High School and then attending Southern Oregon University with a concentration in Business Management. I have always had a desire for leadership and business development, which lead to a different educational and career path than originally planned. I started in the banking industry in 2008. While growing my career in banking, I met my husband and started a family. I have since then continued my education, finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, and with an ambition of pursuing a Master’s Degree. My passion is for helping people and I have yet to find my exact purpose in that area, but always looking for opportunity. My husband and I have four children, three girls and one boy. Our life is very full, sometimes hectic, but a blessing nonetheless. As a family, we appreciate having access to so many outdoor events and safe places for our children to play, which is important for all communities.